Ever wondered why bloggers these days have such a unique and perfect look in their stories? I’ll help you achieve that blogger look so you can finally spice up your Instagram Story like a Pro! It’s all about having some cool story stickers!

I designed a storysticker collection for you to use on your Instagram Stories. You can download them right here, right now, for free! This will help to get your Instagram Story to the next level and achieve a more creative look. Choose your bundle (or take them all), download them and use them right after. Easy, right?
Right now, you’ll have acces to two bundles: The Basic Bundle and The Blogger Essentials
Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@jetlagjules) to get noticed when the next bundles are ready to download. (Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Workout and Food Bundles coming soon! Stay tuned!)

Right now, you’ll have access to the Basic- and the Blogger Bundle. Before clicking on the download link, please make sure to carefully read the download instructions below. As there are differences depending on your phone’s brand, you’ll find two separate guides for Apple and Android below. Those Instructions will show you how to download and transfer them into your next Instagram Story.

Ready? Let’s go!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you’re coming from Instagram right now make sure to open this page again in eg. Safari or any other browser you usually use because Instagram might block the download if you’re not doing it from the browser directly!


And here’s a quick guide on how to download and use the Instagram Storystickers (Android Tutorial down below)

1.Download the “Unzip” App on your phone

2. Click on the download button

The stickers will download as a ZIP file which you can unpack as soon as the download is finished. 

3. Open the Unzip App and access the sticker file to unpack them. All you need to do is to tap on the ZIP file and it will automatically show up as a new folder.

4. Select all of the stickers in your new folder and save them to your camera roll

All set!  So let’s get creative and let me explain to you how you can use them in your next story:

1.Take a picture for your Instagram Story like usual

2.Switch to your camera roll and select a sticker you’d like to use. Copy your Sticker and return to Instagram

3.As soon as you’ll re-open Instagram it will already suggest “use sticker” in a small field on the left bottom. (If that small field doesn’t show up, simply open a text field and double click to paste your sticker)

4.Add the sticker and adjust it until you’re happy with the look. Now you can post it or add some more stickers.


Before you start you have to download the following two apps:

→ Swiftkey

→ Rar

1. Click on the Download Button at the beginning of the page  

2. After the download, you can open the .zip file in the RAR app

3. Tap on the box next to the .zip file and choose “unpack” in the upper Menu (the up-pointing arrow)

4. The stickers are now saved in your Gallery 

How to use the Stickers in your IG Story:

1. Open the Swiftkey Keyboard and add it to your regular Keyboards

2. Take a picture for your story as usual

3. Open a Text field and choose Swiftkey as a keyboard

4. Tap on the Emoji Icon, choose the pin symbol (right side on the bottom) and click the “create” button

5. Choose your desired sticker and add it to your story

Have fun with my stickers and create some unique content! And don’t forget to tag me in your stories, I’d love to see you using them. Oh, and if you like them – there are many more to come! Simply follow my Instagram @jetlagjules to stay tuned and know first when they’re ready to download!

Any questions? Let me know in the comments, write me an e-mail or a direct message on Instagram! 


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