The United Arab Emirates is getting more and more famous, especially for its megacity Dubai. The UAE is way more than only a megacity with the highest building in the world; they also offer a beautiful landscape with beaches but also mountains (don’t believe me? Check out Jebel Hafeet – 30km from Al Ain)

When should you go?

Temperatures in the UAE can rise very high during the summer months, so you should check the temperatures ahead depending on your plans. If you’re only into shopping and swimming in the hotel pool you can for sure go in the summer month and enjoy the heat of roundabout 40°C (that’s 105°F), but if you also want to go sightseeing it’s recommendable to go during the winter time when it’s a little bit cooler (cool in this case means 25-30°C). The tourist attractions like the Burj Khalifa have an A/C running all year, though.

How do you get around?

The two biggest international Airports are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. (By the way: those two cities are only a 1,5-2h car ride away from each other). Coming from Europe, there are also some holiday airlines flying directly to Ras Al-Khaimah. (which is 110km away from Dubai). The Metro in Dubai is extremely clean, safe, and travels every 3 minutes. You can also use Taxis (prices are okay), Uber, or „Careem, “ which is similar to Uber. Getting around like this is easy and fast. In case you want to be a little bit more independent, you should think about getting a rental car. BUT: Driving by yourself can be a little bit crazy. Roads in the UAE have up to 8 lanes, and driving manners are a little ruder than in Europe. You should expect fast overtaking, fast-changing of lanes without signals, honking, etc.

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